Thursday, May 3, 2012

Radio Flyer Gold

We are so happy that it is Spring time!  I grew up in rainy Portland where Spring definitely does not necessarily mean sunshine, flowers and fresh air.  It usually just means... (more) rain.

So when I moved to Idaho, I was introduced to gorgeous spring time weather.  It may be my favorite time of year now.  The weather is usually perfect!  Mid 70s, sun, green grass, planting my garden, being outside and thunderstorms.  Heaven.

Caroline and I have been spending our days getting the yard looking pretty.  She loves being outside and is just a perfect little companion.  She will sit in her wagon for a couple hours just looking at the plants, the kitty, the puppies and whatever else happens to catch her fancy. 

You can almost see the little wagon tracks we have around the perimeter of our yard.  Around and around the yard we go.  She just falls into a fit of laughter if her wagon happens to hit a lot of bumps or we pick up speed. 

It is so funny how certain "baby items" are just lifesavers, and as Caroline grows, my "lifesavers" change.  Right now, it is most definitely our Radio Flyer Wagon.  It is worth its weight in solid gold, and it literally goes everywhere with us.

Some days, when we spend dawn until dusk at the new house remodeling, she will literally hang out in that wagon for 8 hours a day.  My mom was joking that we better enjoy this while it lasts because once she is a walker, her utter content with the wagon may expire.