A Cup of Joe

Meet Joe.  
He is one proud papa to our Sweet Caroline.  He is the man I love with my whole heart!  He calls me his "Little Lady", but I think of myself more as a "Lucky Lady".  We couldn't be more opposite in many ways, or more alike in others.  

It really is crazy amazing how God works in the most unexpected ways.  I love the saying, "Want to make God laugh?  Tell Him your plans."  

We met when being in a relationship, or looking for a boyfriend for that matter, was the last thing on my mind.  Even though I didn't think it was perfect timing, I knew in my heart he was it for me.  I feel so blessed I get to call him my husband, because he truly is my rock. 

I am not the only one who loves having Joe as her leading man.  When he walks into the room, Caroline lights up and her feet go a kickin'.  Melt.  My.  Heart.  Even more... goodness golly, Joseph!  I love watching those two together.  He usually rolls his eyes when I get out the camera, but I want to capture every minute of them together. Is there anything sweeter in the whole world than a papa with his baby girl? 

I asked him to write, or should I say "blog", now and again because this man is funny.  He makes me laugh so hard, and I want to share his humor with you.  So much of parenting is communication and being able to laugh at yourself and situations.  Thank goodness I get to parent with Joe, because he is a kick in the pants AND he doesn't take anything too seriously.  Man, I wish I had that quality (I guess this is an area where I would have to say... we aren't alike!) 

So stay tuned in for posts from Joe, and his whole take on this wild ride called parenting.  Doesn't that keep people coming back again and again... a good ol' Cup of Joe?

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