About Me

Greetings!   I am a part-time kindergarten teacher and a full-time wife and mom.  

I feel so blessed that I get to fulfill my passion of teaching, while still getting to spend most days at home with my precious little girl, Caroline.  

My amazing husband, Joe, is also a teacher.  We have learned to be frugal in all areas of our life to make our dreams possible.  We have been on the road to economic freedom for a couple years now and we are always so excited to see how far we can stretch our pennies. 

I have been learning how to make our house a home on a tight budget! It is so much fun crafting, couponing, cleaning, organizing, cooking and decorating.. knowing at the end of the day I am not breaking the bank!

One day we hope to have acreage, so our little girl can grow up playing outside with farm animals.  I want to teach her how to ride a horse, and Joe wants to raise pigs and cattle.

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