Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the remodeling begins again...

To some of you, that may mean absolutely nothing.  But to Joe and I, it is a blissful week off together!  It is one bonus of both of us being teachers.  Considering teachers don't get real monetary compensation for a job well done, we will take any kind of bonus we can get.

So we finished remodeling the current house we live in about three months (and 11 days) ago.  But who is keeping track?  It is not like we have lived in a remodel for the last three years, with all of our time and money going into this place.  We bought our current home home and it had not been lived in for a year and a half.  After gutting the entire place and putting in a whole new kitchen, three bathrooms and everything from door knobs to carpet to blinds replaced... it is ready to be  lived in SOLD!

Before our sweat equity:

After our sweat equity:

 And I guess because we had so much fun remodeling this place (who doesn't love spending their weekend getting to know the Lowes sales team?) about a month ago we put in an offer to buy yet another house in need of some desperate attention.  But this is going to be our real "forever" home (ha- or maybe until it is perfectly fixed up- then we might have to move again).

We are thrilled because both of us have always wanted to live in the country.  Joe grew up on his family's old dairy farm, but I grew up smack in the middle of Portland.  I have always dreamed of the day I would get a place where I could have a horse and raise a couple calves and goats (and in a place where it doesn't rain ten months out of the year).

Well... we found it!  Our new home comes compete with a little chicken coop!  We lovingly call our new place "Our Cabin" because it is a whopping 1, 097 square feet.  With one bedroom, we are looking forward to living how our grandparents did: simple.

We were laughing, "So, where is all of our furniture, like our formal dining room table that I am so in love with,  going to go?"  And, that has yet to be determined. 

But what does that matter?  I have my chicken coop!   And a place for us to raise baby goats.  And enough room to pull Caroline's wagon all over.  We get giddy every time we pull into the driveway of our new little home.  It is perfect,  and we are beyond thrilled.

So the remodeling has begun again, and I have to say, I will be a tad more excited once we are done painting, knocking down walls, sheet rocking, tearing out the bathroom, installing new hardwood floor and along with cabinets in the mudroom.  Oh.. and that little thing called an addition here in a  couple years since Caroline won't want to be sleeping in our bedroom when she is ten.

Speaking of our adorable little munchkin, we are in new territory learning how to remodel when we have a baby in tow with us.  She has been such a good sport!  We set up a "baby jail" in the kitchen on a tarp, and of course we always bring her favorite wagon. 

After seven straight days of working on our new little project, we are making headway.  Joe knocked out a load bearing wall (to open up the living room) and secured it with a large header beam, he ripped out flooring and other manly destructive things while I painted away.

Good thing we are teachers and have "time off" to do all of these fun things.  Now that we worked away our Spring Break, our summer break is shaping up to to a swell time; but, honestly. we wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Congrats on your new home! Very excited to see what you do to it:)

  2. I'm so thrilled for you! We've been in our house for almost 5 years and we're STILL working on it! Of course, we rarely get any kind of chunks of time off, so the work happens whenever we can squeeze it in. Congratulations on your new house - It's perfect! Or it will be...

  3. I just ADORE your blog! Your couponing is amazing! I'm definitely going to keep up on your tips to help save my man and me money when we start our life together. Your new house is so perfect! I can't wait to see all you do to it :) So happy to be your newest follower!

  4. Hey there! I know I already commented on this post but...I wanted to let you know I selected you for the Leibster Blog Award! It's an award for up and coming blogs and you can get all the details on my post. Absolutely NO pressure to participate, just wanted you to know you're nominated! :)