Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toilet Paper Mischief

If it is quiet around here... something is up.  It means Caroline is into something that really has her attention, and it is probably something she shouldn't have (of course).  She is such a busy little bee, and she is always wanting to explore and get into everything. 

Caroline has learned where certain "fun" things are kept - like toilet paper (ha... maybe fun isn't the right word?)  If the bathroom door is left open even a crack, she is crawling so fast toward it that you can actually hear little grunts as she races off towards her new favorite destination.  Talk about sheer determination.  "Here I come TP.. here I come."

And this is what happens if I am more than 5 seconds behind her trail. 

My curious little monkey is obsessed with the little caps that cover the toilet screws.  She is constantly trying to crawl behind the toilet.  Do I have a future plumber on my hands?

"Oh, hi there mom!  Don't mind me... I am just redecorating the guest bathroom!  Do you like the new paper floor covering?"

The roll of TP was obviously beyond salvaging, so we sat and played with it for more than an hour.  I love this little monkey!  She never fails to make me laugh.


  1. These photos are way too cute!!! Looks like something our little monkey would do too :)

  2. Holy cow, that last picture looks JUST LIKE YOU as a baby!!! Xoxoxo.

  3. This made me laugh! Why is TP such an amazing toy?