Monday, March 12, 2012

Radio Flyer Fun

Dad went to the store... and came home with a Radio Flyer!

Caroline loves going for walks in the stroller.   We go on the walking path in our neighborhood, and she loves looking at the ducks, plants and water.  But apparently... who needs a stroller?!

Enter... the wagon!

It is so fun because we can strap the little girl in with the dogs... and off we go!

So.  Stinkin'.  Cute.

It has been such a mild winter, and the last couple weeks we have been parading all around our neighborhood in our new red wagon.  I am usually not brave enough to take Caroline and both our yorkies walking, but now it is so much easier because I just pile them all in together.

And to make it even more fun?  We went to visit my good friend Melissa down the street!

Her little boy, Keegan, is Caroline's buddy.  He is so cute, and always calls her "Baby Caroline".  Not Caroline.  Baby Caroline.  Ha- he will still  be calling her that when they are in high school.

Are they just not the cutest?!  He is so sweet with her, and it is so fun watching them play together.

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