Thursday, January 26, 2012

Like a moth to a flame...

My little girl is obsessed with cords.  If she spots one, she will drop everything and make a straight "Bee-Line" for it.  It is so funny to watch her face get super excited, and then determined.  I know she is thinking, "Ah!  My favorite! A cord.  Go! Go! Go!"  And then off she goes, as fast her her little legs and arms will carry her. 

I used to think that this could be a good thing and could work to my advantage.  If she had something she shouldn't (mmm- like always), I could dangle a cord across the room and she would drop whatever she had and come crawling over to me at a whopping 2 miles per hour speed crawl.  I would then scoop her up and distract her by playing a game.  So really, she never actually got the cord.  I just used them to get her away from other things she shouldn't have (so it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time...)  She has a gazillion toys- yet somehow she always ends up chewing on the remote or my phone.  How is that always the case?

But now, at almost nine months, she is so fast and can pull herself up onto everything.   She always manages to find part of a cord somehow, and then proceeds to pull it out and play with it.  Even if it is not plugged in (like my camera cord), she will just squeal with utter delight, and play with it like she's just won the baby lottery. 

You would think... "Oh, well duh.  Unplug all your cords and put them up."  

Well, we do.  But think of how many cords there are in your house.  We have taken all our lamps out to the garage (haha- see them again in about ten years).  However, our baby monitor, baby swing, laptop charger, phone charger, alarm clock, fan, TV, iPod charger, camera cord and the list goes on... well they can't all live in the garage for the next ten years.  I can do without my lamps, but I kind of need my phone.  
Our laptop charger, for example, sits on the kitchen counter (totally out of baby's reach, right?)  Well, when we unplug the computer to use it, the cord might dangle just a hair over the counter.  She has the amazing ability to spot it from across the room.  Here she comes...

It easy to forget, even for a second, to put the cord back up out of baby's reach.  Enter Miss Caroline Jane.  If she spots it, the cord is hers in about 1.5 seconds.  Golly... it is like a moth to a flame.  And what a good time it is running over to take it away.  

Note to self for my next baby:  don't use one baby contraband to distract her away from another baby contraband.  I have created a cord obsessed little girl.  Lesson learned. 

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  1. Cute! Our daughter is obsessed with cords too, we are always chasing after her I feel like! Love your blog! Thanks again for coming by mine, hope to have you back! I'm your newest follower :)