Thursday, January 26, 2012

A cute way to organize hair pretties!

Follow the steps below to create a cute way to display and organize all of your little darling's hair fashions!

So I obviously love adorning my little girl with hair pretties - headbands, bows, flowers, curly-cues ... you name it and my Sweet Caroline has had it on top of her adorable, round little head.  

I needed a way to organize them all in a way I could easily see them.  That way I could quickly grab one to match her outfit for the day, instead of digging through her drawers, the bathroom and her closet to find the perfect coordinating hair piece (I always leave those things around everywhere!) I found inspiration at a craft show last summer and put my own spin on this DIY hair pretty organizer. 

It is so nice to see all her hair accessories, and it also decorates her nursery!

This is the "hair pretty" hanger I made for Caroline's nursery.  I followed the same steps I outlined below!

 A good friend of mine is about to have a little girl!  I am so excited for her I can hardly stand it!  I decided the make her one of these hair pretty organizers.  

A "theme" at her house is flip flops, because she loves the sun and beach.  Originally, I was going to get a wooden "H" because she is naming her baby Harper, but when I saw these wooden flip flops, they were perfect for her!  

What you will need:

  • Wooden piece (letter, or any cut-out of your choice- see my flip flops below)
  • Thick ribbon (I used 1.5")
  • Paint and brush
  • Hot glue
  • Embellishments of your choice (I used brads and pre-cut flowers on this one)

I started by painting the wood, and letting it dry completely.

While it is drying, I worked on the little flowers I planned to hot glue to the flip flops.  I took the mini brads and poked them through both flowers to secure them to each other.

After your paint is dry, hot glue your embellishments on.  

Now you are ready to glue your ribbon on the bottom/back of your wood piece.  Before you glue the ribbon, make a heat seal so the ribbon does not fray. 

You are almost done!  I like to make a big bow to create a nice, finished look at the end of the ribbon hanging down.  Tie a big bow, and adjust until even.  Then I put a little dab of hot glue in the back/middle of the bow to hold it in its shape. 

Then simply hot glue this bow to the end of your ribbon!  You may have to buy brackets to hang your piece, but some wooden cutouts come with hanger backings already installed.

Clip your flowers and bows to your new wall hanging organizer!  Never again search high and low for that one hair pretty to match your little girl's outfit for the day!

Now I am off to make some flower clips and curly-cue bows to put on this gift I just made for my dear friend.  I am so excited to meet baby Harper! 


  1. This is adorable! I can see myself doing this for my girls!