Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinwheel Fabric Flowers

I LOVE making these fabric flowers.  They are beautiful and extremely versatile.  I have used them as hair clips, to decorate purses, shirts as well as decoration for my home.  They don't require any sewing either! Just make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in and ready to go!

What you will need:
  •  Hot glue gun
  • Fabric of your choice (two different kinds)
  • Button or jewel (for the center of your flower)
  • Ribbon
  • Alligator Clip 
  • Felt (only about a 3" x 3" square)

Begin by cutting your fabric into circles.  For this flower, I cut one fabric into 4 " circles, and another into 2.5 " circles- creating 5 circles for each size/fabric (10 total circles) Keep in mind- the size you cut your circles will determine the final size of your flower.  This size shown here may be too large to use as a hair clip.

This next part is the only tricky thing about making these pinwheel flowers.  I take a circle, and fold it in half like a taco.  

Holding your "taco" in in one hand, with the other hand, push one side of the "taco" in.  Fold over and hold onto the new folds at the bottom center of the taco.  

The tricky part is almost over!  Now, with the left side of your "taco", you aren't going to do the same thing! Instead, simply fold it over on top, creating a point at the bottom center.

You have now made one section of your pinwheel!  To secure all folds, you will now put little dobs of hot glue where needed.  

Repeat this taco folding process with all ten of your circles.  After you are done, you are ready to use the felt square (you can cut your square to about 3" x 3").  I suggest playing with your layout before gluing your pinwheels down.  Start in one corner, and work your way around the square.  I always layer the pinwheels, instead of butting them up next to each other.  Keep in mind though- there really is no right or wrong way to do this :)

Once you finish gluing the bigger pinwheels (maroon) to the felt square, you will then glue the smaller pinwheels (white) directly to the bigger pinwheels.

If the edges of your pinwheels are different lengths and don't quite match up- you can trim them or leave them...  whatever look you like better!  

Next, choose a button or jewel- anything cute for a center piece.  I like to pick two buttons and layer them.  

Aren't these adorable?!  Now we just have to add an alligator clip to the back.  I like to cover the alligator clip with ribbon for a more finished look.  If you need step by step directions on how to heat seal and attach ribbon to an alligator clip, see my post on this here (scroll down to the bottom).  

Simply hot glue your alligator clip directly to the felt square.

Now you can clip this adorable flower accessory into your hair, onto your purse, or make a bunch for a centerpiece on your kitchen table!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

A cute way to organize hair pretties!

Follow the steps below to create a cute way to display and organize all of your little darling's hair fashions!

So I obviously love adorning my little girl with hair pretties - headbands, bows, flowers, curly-cues ... you name it and my Sweet Caroline has had it on top of her adorable, round little head.  

I needed a way to organize them all in a way I could easily see them.  That way I could quickly grab one to match her outfit for the day, instead of digging through her drawers, the bathroom and her closet to find the perfect coordinating hair piece (I always leave those things around everywhere!) I found inspiration at a craft show last summer and put my own spin on this DIY hair pretty organizer. 

It is so nice to see all her hair accessories, and it also decorates her nursery!

This is the "hair pretty" hanger I made for Caroline's nursery.  I followed the same steps I outlined below!

 A good friend of mine is about to have a little girl!  I am so excited for her I can hardly stand it!  I decided the make her one of these hair pretty organizers.  

A "theme" at her house is flip flops, because she loves the sun and beach.  Originally, I was going to get a wooden "H" because she is naming her baby Harper, but when I saw these wooden flip flops, they were perfect for her!  

What you will need:

  • Wooden piece (letter, or any cut-out of your choice- see my flip flops below)
  • Thick ribbon (I used 1.5")
  • Paint and brush
  • Hot glue
  • Embellishments of your choice (I used brads and pre-cut flowers on this one)

I started by painting the wood, and letting it dry completely.

While it is drying, I worked on the little flowers I planned to hot glue to the flip flops.  I took the mini brads and poked them through both flowers to secure them to each other.

After your paint is dry, hot glue your embellishments on.  

Now you are ready to glue your ribbon on the bottom/back of your wood piece.  Before you glue the ribbon, make a heat seal so the ribbon does not fray. 

You are almost done!  I like to make a big bow to create a nice, finished look at the end of the ribbon hanging down.  Tie a big bow, and adjust until even.  Then I put a little dab of hot glue in the back/middle of the bow to hold it in its shape. 

Then simply hot glue this bow to the end of your ribbon!  You may have to buy brackets to hang your piece, but some wooden cutouts come with hanger backings already installed.

Clip your flowers and bows to your new wall hanging organizer!  Never again search high and low for that one hair pretty to match your little girl's outfit for the day!

Now I am off to make some flower clips and curly-cue bows to put on this gift I just made for my dear friend.  I am so excited to meet baby Harper! 

Like a moth to a flame...

My little girl is obsessed with cords.  If she spots one, she will drop everything and make a straight "Bee-Line" for it.  It is so funny to watch her face get super excited, and then determined.  I know she is thinking, "Ah!  My favorite! A cord.  Go! Go! Go!"  And then off she goes, as fast her her little legs and arms will carry her. 

I used to think that this could be a good thing and could work to my advantage.  If she had something she shouldn't (mmm- like always), I could dangle a cord across the room and she would drop whatever she had and come crawling over to me at a whopping 2 miles per hour speed crawl.  I would then scoop her up and distract her by playing a game.  So really, she never actually got the cord.  I just used them to get her away from other things she shouldn't have (so it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time...)  She has a gazillion toys- yet somehow she always ends up chewing on the remote or my phone.  How is that always the case?

But now, at almost nine months, she is so fast and can pull herself up onto everything.   She always manages to find part of a cord somehow, and then proceeds to pull it out and play with it.  Even if it is not plugged in (like my camera cord), she will just squeal with utter delight, and play with it like she's just won the baby lottery. 

You would think... "Oh, well duh.  Unplug all your cords and put them up."  

Well, we do.  But think of how many cords there are in your house.  We have taken all our lamps out to the garage (haha- see them again in about ten years).  However, our baby monitor, baby swing, laptop charger, phone charger, alarm clock, fan, TV, iPod charger, camera cord and the list goes on... well they can't all live in the garage for the next ten years.  I can do without my lamps, but I kind of need my phone.  
Our laptop charger, for example, sits on the kitchen counter (totally out of baby's reach, right?)  Well, when we unplug the computer to use it, the cord might dangle just a hair over the counter.  She has the amazing ability to spot it from across the room.  Here she comes...

It easy to forget, even for a second, to put the cord back up out of baby's reach.  Enter Miss Caroline Jane.  If she spots it, the cord is hers in about 1.5 seconds.  Golly... it is like a moth to a flame.  And what a good time it is running over to take it away.  

Note to self for my next baby:  don't use one baby contraband to distract her away from another baby contraband.  I have created a cord obsessed little girl.  Lesson learned. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Adorable Curly-Cue Hair Bow ( Easy D I Y )

These bows are super easy to make, and the possibilities are endless!

 My little girl was born with a full head of hair.  When she was a newborn, I can't tell you how many times the first thing someone would say was, "Wow!  She has a TON of hair!  You must have had bad heartburn when you were pregnant!"  

Except I never had heart burn.  Not once. 

Caroline, hours old with her Grandmama, and yup- that would be a bow in her hair! 

Besides being cute, soft, and fuzzy, the great part about my daughter's lovely locks are that I get to play with all sorts of hair pretties!  A good friend of mine made a bunch of these curly-cue bows and used them to decorate a diaper cake for a baby shower.  It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  

What you need:

  •  Ribbon (I like to use different colors, patterns and widths/sizes)
  • Wooden dowels
  • Hairspray (any kind will work)
  • Hot glue
  • Alligator clips
  • Needle and thread
  • Clothespins (I use mini wood ones)
  • Lighter/matches
  • Buttons/Jewels (optional)
  • Preheat over to 300 degrees

I bought a "variety pack" that has different sizes.  This way your ribbon will curl differently, which looks super cute.  The smaller the dowel, the tighter the curl.

First, clip the end of the ribbon to a dowel with a clothespin and starting wrapping!

Once you reach the end of the dowel, cut the ribbon and secure the other end with a clothespin as well.  Spray the entire length of the ribbon/dowel with hairspray.

Place the dowel on a cookie sheet (covered in tinfoil is optional).  Do these several times, with however many different kinds of ribbon you wish to use.  Sometimes I just do a bunch at once, and keep some for later use.
I rotate the clothespins, so one is parallel, and one is perpendicular to the cookie sheet.  This way to ribbon rests off of the tinfoil while baking.
 Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, depending on how hot your over cooks.  My oven always cooks things super fast when I follow recipes, so I just leave my ribbon in for 10 minutes.  

Take the cookie sheet out of the oven and let it cool for about 15 minutes.  Then unclip the clothespins and remove your ribbon.  It will be adorably curly!

I pick out a few (3-5) coordinating ribbons to use and cut them.  Usually cutting them into about thirds works well.  It looks cute to do them all a little different lengths.

Now it is time to use your needle and thread (tip- I use quilter's thread because it is stronger).  Tie a knot on one end of your thread.  

Take three of the same ribbons and layer them criss-cross.  Poke the needle through each layer of ribbon and then back through to where you started.  Tie a not to secure.

 You are going to do this same step with each set of ribbon (layer, sew, secure with a knot.)  I chose the yellow ribbon next.

As you layer your ribbon, you can play with the arrangement.  There is no right or wrong way!  I play with it until it looks cute.  Then add your last set of ribbon!

 I tie a knot each time I add a set of ribbon.  After all your ribbon has been added, and you tied it off with a knot, go ahead and cut your thread.  You are done with the sewing part!  

Next, you will make a heat seal at the end of each ribbon so they do not fray.  I use a lighter, but some people prefer lighting a candle.

Then I pick out a button or jewel to use in the center to hide the thread marks.  Secure with hot glue. 

The bow is done now!  So cute, huh?  Now it is time to attach it to the alligator clip.  I like to cover the clip in ribbon first.  Start by heat sealing the end of the ribbon.  Then hot glue one end of the ribbon to inside of the clip.

You will slowly glue and wrap the ribbon all the way around the back of the clip.  

Once you reach the end of the other side, cut the ribbon leaving an extra inch or so that you will wrap around the point and glue to the inside (like how you started, but on the opposite side).

Heat seal the end of the ribbon where you just cut.  Then glue the end of the ribbon to the inside of the clip.  

You are ready to now attach the clip to your curly-cue bow!  Simply hot glue the clip to the back of your bow.  Hold firmly until the glue cools to ensure a secure attachment.  

You can clip the bow to a headband or clip it straight into your little munchkin's hair!

My Sweet Caroline being a good sport for me!

"Okay Mom, enough with the pictures."
"I'm outta here!"

They are like little present bows to top the greatest gift in the world :)